1st-Aid-EDV: IT-Expertise (EDV-Gutachten)

Looking for competent and court-approved IT-Expertise in the fields of
pre-trial or trial investigation / argumentation, particularly with one party
located in Germany or Switzerland? We're here to help!

EDV-Gutachter - Öffentlich bestellter und vereidigter Sachverständiger, Mitglied im IFS (Institut für Sachverständigenwesen)

Entitled by the chamber of commerce Bodensee-Oberschwaben, Germany as
official approved and sworn expert witness for IT-Engineering, IT-Systems,
IT-Applications and computer forensics.
(Öffentlich bestellter und vereidigter Sachverständiger für Technik, Systeme und
Anwendungen der Informationsverarbeitung sowie Computerforensik,
EDV-Sachverständiger / EDV-Gutachter)

IT-Expert Witness (EDV-Sachverständiger)

Holger Morgenstern
(Master of Science in Computer Science)

Breslauer Str. 24, D-72501 Gammertingen, Germany
fon +49 7574 914-01, fax +49 7574 914-03

We are serving the law as well as the commercial community since 1988. Our offer includes consultation, expertises, estimation and evaluation for commercial companies, insurance companies, private people and the German Justice.

Problems in the field of IT and data processing can a priori very rarely be assigned to exactly one subrange (hardware, software, telecommunications, ...) and often arise at interface points. Our services cover therefore the holistic entire range of the data processing field:

- hardware / technology / physics
- software
- data security / data protection / data rescue / computerforensics
- internet
- telecommunications
- digital photography
- ...

If the setting of tasks makes it necessary, we gladly work together with specialized colleagues from adjacent fields of activity, after consulting with the client.


IT-Expertise / EDV-Gutachten: our mainpage http://www.gutachten.info/